From April 2014 onwards we are introducing some changes to our themes. This is a result of looking at the types of projects we have funded in the past and thinking about the type of projects we would like to see in the future.  The revised themes are:

                           1.  Arts, Culture & Sports

                           2.  Community Action

                          3.  Improvements to Built Environment

                          4.  Quality Open Spaces

                          5.  Training, Employment & Social Enterprise

                          6.  Youth Activity

These changes will apply to applications started after 15th February 2014. If you are already in the process of applying, we will assign your project to the most appropriate theme.

Details of the types of project these themes cover are shown below.


 Museums and Exhibitions Events/Festivals

Celebrating Heritage

Sports Facilities

Cultural Facilities

Sports Engagement 

Promoting Health and Wellbeing Projects

Arts Engagement


 Cultural and Educational Trips for Community Groups

Support for the Elderly

Neighbourhood Initiatives 

Family and Child Poverty Initiatives

Financial Inclusion Initiatives

Community Safety Initiatives

 Community Renewable Energy Projects

Community Recycling Schemes

Sustainable Transport Schemes

Community Groups supporting community cohesion


 Community Facilities Creation

Village Hall Improvements

Community Centre Renovation

 Asset Transfer Support


 Equipment for Play Areas

Multi Use Games / Exercise Area

Community Gardens/Growing schemes

Parks Improvements

Interpretation Trails

Allotments Projects

Pathways Cycleways

Beach Enhancements


 Employment Opportunities

Social Enterprise Initiatives

Community Co-ops

 Fair-Trade Programmes

Apprenticeship Initiatives

Training Opportunities

 Training Opportunities for Unemployed

Community Based Learning Projects

Lifelong Personal Development Learning

 Tackling Worklessness

Job Creation


 Early Learning Projects

Youth Clubs

Youth Engagement Initiatives

Raising Aspirations

Young People Safety Initiatives (Teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug issues)

 The role of the community development team is to support community groups and support and guide them through the fundraising process. Due to the differences in needs between each group it will not be always possible to work as intensively with your group as we would like to but we will always try to provide support when and where we can. Your understanding is much appreciated.

However, we feel there is a lot of useful information out there that you may or may not be aware of and we want this website to be a hub of information on all things fundraising and have a dedicated page to each theme with advice on potential sources of funding, guidance on how to write successful applications, training, useful strategies & free advice services available.

We also hope that through our work as community development workers we will be able to connect groups. Advantages of which will be sharing experiences and advice, identifying future partnership working opportunities and avoiding duplication.

 For applications completed prior to the 15th February 2014, the themes for the fund were as follows:

 1. Quality Open Spaces

 2. Environment & Sustainability

 3. Community Education

 4. Cultural Development

 5. Social Enterprise

 6. Improvements to the Built Environment