Business Planning

A business plan is a description of what you aim to achieve and how you propose to do it. Business Plans can be either be prepared for your whole organisation or a single project. A business plan describes the activities, systems, skills and resources needed to achieve your short, medium and long-term targets

At  a minimum a business plan should include a description of: What you are going to do? Why and How? How you are going to pay for it?  And a work plan to show how you are going to achieve your aims.

This Business Plan template has been successfully used by a variety of applicants.  The Cashflow template will also help with your financial planning

Areas of  business planning support in Copeland

Cumbria CVS – West Cumbria  Business Planning Training available 01768 800350
Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership Contact to see if you are eligible for 2 days of free business planning support for existing social enterprises. Rob Randell 01768 800350 [email protected]
Wingspan Consulting Delivering the Government’s Intensive Start Up and Support (ISUS) programme in Copeland in partnership with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Social Enterprise and Co-operative Development (Secod) and Co-operative and Mutual Solutions (CMS).This programme provides intensive support to individuals and groups setting up new businesses and social enterprises, and post-start support to enterprises during their first three years’ of trading. Quentin Merritt 07748 754689 [email protected]

Guy Huxtable 07968 818444 [email protected]

SECOD Social Enterprise and Cooperative Development ltd. Secod provides high-quality support services and solutions to community and social enterprises and co-operatives across the North of England Bill Knowles 01697 351010 07766 135800 [email protected]
Britain’s Energy Coast BEC now offer the services previously provided by West Cumbria Development Agency, including a free and confidential advisory service for small businesses covering all business disciplines such as business planning, marketing and sales, employing staff, etc. 01946595285

[email protected]

Coop Mutual Solutions Providing business advice to co-operatives and social enterprises 01900 810 810 [email protected]