AllocatedProgrammeGrant RecipientTotal Project CostGrant AllocatedProject Description
Apr-14Small GrantWhitehaven Locality Partnership£81,460£18,000This scheme will undertake environmental work in Whitehaven to enhance the aesthetic nature of the town for residents and visitors.
Mar-13Small GrantKells Amateur Rugby League Club£6,700£3,200To provide a pitch barrier system which will allow the players, officials, volunteers & supporters to play & watch in a safe environment.
Dec-13Small GrantWoodhouse Community Group£13,191£5,000To provide a safe, attractive off road walking route which will be useful to residents of Woodhouse, Greenbank and Kells.
Oct-13Small GrantNew Arts North£19,440£9,480To give people the chance to participate in regular singing sessions, raise confidence levels, self esteem and improve mental health.
Jul-13Small GrantCopeland Stadium Trust£16,649.60£4,000Support capital costs towards Function Room Refurbishment.
Jul-13Small GrantWhitehaven's Fishermen's Co-operative£34,540.69£13,311.69Support revenue costs towards Sea Safety Training.
Jun-13Small GrantMirehouse Residents' Group£18,000£8,083.56Pathways upgrading to improve access in and around Mirehouse.
Mar-13Investment GrantImpact Housing Assoc£2,824,780£36,380The Whitehaven Foyer - Design and Permissions Phase.
Nov-12Small GrantFit 4 Life£5,982£3,000To purchase two new treadmills to replace old and faulty ones in order to improve service.
Oct-12Small GrantWhitehaven Amateurs Football Club£88,813£43,980To regenerate an existing old playing field prone to waterlogging for all year round use by Junior teams.
Sept-12Large GrantWhitehaven Harbour Commissioners£1,173,335£185,000Marina Enhancement Scheme.
Sept-12LoanWhitehaven Harbour Commissioners£1,173,335£185,000Marina Enhancement Scheme.
Aug-12Small GrantMirehouse Labour Club£40,000£19,600To refurbish the function room, toilets, including disabled adding aesthetic value to the community facility for all users
Jul-12Small GrantWoodhouse Family Advice Centre£60,900£9,6771 year revenue support to continue the provision of the Centre Manager role.
Jun-12Small GrantWhitehaven United Reformed Church£88,554£30,212To renovate and waterproof the hall roof to sustain its continued and future use by the community and the church.
Jun-12Small GrantMirehouse Residents' Group£142,500£37,500To include and involve the community in furthering improvements in the quality of life and the environment on Mirehouse estate.
Jun-12Small GrantAbandon Normal Devices£32,650£10,000A Digital Caravan Project at Whitehaven harbour, Balloon Vortex installation at Whitehaven Civic Hall, engaging audiences, community groups, visitors, artists.
Jun-12Large GrantNorth Country Leisure£760,000£300,000Supporting capital costs towards Gym extension to Copeland Pool.
Jun-12Large GrantWhitehaven Community Trust Ltd£159,600£49,000Support of capital costs to provide 4 sef-contained flats as 'Move-On' accommodation.
Jun-12Small GrantChilloutzone ltd£9,200£4,600To carry out detailed market research to understand the need and demand for extended Chill Out Zone services.
Mar-12Small GrantThe Playground Association£127,297£24,000Annual music festival for the next 3 years open to all the community and all age groups.
Dec-11Small GrantConnexions£78,377£38,128Provide youth work activities, advice and support which will impact on the teen pregnancy rate, risk taking and anti social behaviour.
Dec-11Small GrantPathways to Art
(Copeland Borough Council)
£13,000£5,875To develop a large community led celebration in South Whitehaven, through participatory arts activity.
Dec-11Large GrantHaig Colliery Mining Musuem£2,323,586£470,000Haig PIt redevlopment project.
Dec-11Large GrantWhitehaven Harbour Youth Project£478,081£90,000To develop the social skills and widen the horizons of young people through structured outdoor activities and activities and support within the Youth Centre.
Oct-11Small grantImpact Housing£95,804
£19,000To fund the Foyer Innovation officer for an additional two days a week to develop the Whitehaven Foyer. The Foyer will provide accommodation and support for approximately 15 young people and a recourse centre for wider community use.
Oct-11Small GrantWhitehaven Bee-
£9,176 £0£5,506 was allocated to set up an Apiary to teach new beekeepers. Funding was no longer required.
Aug-11LoanN&W Cumbria FLAG£1,200,000£30,000The project is to carry out the establishment of the FLAG company and administrative functions of the FLAG for a 4 1/2 year period.
Aug-11Small GrantWoodhouse Millennium Green Partnership£175,753£30,000Cost to cover third party funding and redevelop the Millennium Green space with play equipment for all ages and further environmental enhancements.
Jun-11Small GrantNew Rainbow Pre School£20,500£8,400Providing a low cost Pre-School for disadvantaged children in a deprived area with a view to becoming self sustainable.
May-11Small GrantHospice at Home£22,755£5,888To open a social enterprise in Whitehaven to generate a surplus for the charity and raise the charity's profile with local people.
Apr-11Small GrantWhitehaven Adult Education£40,800£16,125The training of local community members as professionally qualified counsellors.
Apr-11Small GrantWhitehaven Colliery Mission£18,056£7,222To restore 16 miners banners and have them on display for all to experience.
Apr-11Small GrantWoodhouse Family Advice Centre£20,202£8,000Coordinator post: remit to involve parents and residents in education and child support activities to raise confidence and aspirations.
Apr-11Large GrantHaig Colliery Mining Museum£110,000£110,000Revenue funding to sustain the museum to enable the completion of Stage 2 Heritage Lottery Fund bid.
Nov-11Small GrantGreenbank Community Association£91,667£30,000Capital funding towards improvements to play area and construction of Multi Use Games Area.
Feb-11Small GrantCopeland Borough Council£90,000£5,000Third party funding towards funding to carryout access improvements to Whitehaven Civic Hall.
Apr-10Large GrantHaig Colliery Mining Museum£100,000£100,000˜Year 1 of 2: Revenue funding to sustain the museum to enable the completion of Stage 2 Heritage Lottery Fund bid.

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