Investment Policy

The purpose of the Investment Policy is to guide the Copeland Community Fund in effectively supervising, monitoring and managing its investments.The policy statement is designed to provide an investment framework and oversight process with reasonable parameters to ensure prudence and care in its investment activity.  The Fund established this investment policy consistent with the principles of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Socio Economic Policy.The CCF board will retain all voting rights, and shall exercise those rights.

Applicants are invited to apply using the online application Enquiry Form. Additional information on the concept can also be submitted to:Copeland Community Fund, The Copeland Centre, Catherine Street, Whitehaven CA28 7SJ /

Initial enquiries will be presented at the Grants Panel and subsequently applicants will be advised if they are eligible to make a full application.Applications for investment will be assessed against the following:

1.     Alignment with Financial and Funding Strategy 

Investment in a project will only be made if it meets the approved Copeland Community Fund Financial and Funding Strategy in that it must:

  • Be sustainable and provide funds for future generations (Provide a Return on Investment)
  • Provide genuine Additionality (not replace other Funding Sources)
  • Compliment other sources of funds (provide matching funds)
  • Contribute to the long term sustainability of the area (Invest in Transformational Projects)
  • Must benefit the Copeland area and be in line with the NDA Socio Economic Policy (Benefit Copeland residents)

2.     Investment Criteria  

The Copeland Community Fund will invest in project types which:

2.1  Must be aligned to Britain’s Energy Coast Masterplan and Copeland’s Vision

2.2  Must contribute to at least four of the following six criteria:

  • Improve the wellbeing of Copeland
  • Support Education and Skills development
  • Improve Economic and Social Infrastructure
  • Provide Employment
  • Diversify the Economy
  • Provide Environmental Improvements

2.3  Investments by the Fund must also:

  • Provide Value for Money
  • Provide a good Return on Investment (ROI) with an acceptable level of risk
  • Leverage “partner funding”

3.     Required Project Outputs 

In making decisions to invest the Fund will seek a range of Hard and Soft Outputs which will be monitored, as supported projects are implemented.

3.1 Outputs-Hard

  • Number of Businesses created
  • Number of Businesses assisted
  • Number of (local) people helped to secure employment, education or training
  • Number of (local) people assisted in their skills development
  • Number of jobs created or safeguarded
  • Ha of brownfield land reclaimed or redeveloped
  • Sq metres of new or refurbished floorspace
  • £ economic impact from major events and tourism marketing
  • Number of visitors attracted
  • £ of public and private leverage

3.2 Outputs-Soft

  • Number of Local People with Access to new Community Sport/Health/Cultural opportunities/facilities
  • Number of new Sports Facilities
  • Number of new Health Facilities
  • Number of new Cultural Facilities

4.     Return on Investment 

4.1 Investments made by the Fund must provide a Financial return which as a minimum must exceed the return it could make from a deposit in a very low risk financial instrument such as a UK Government Bond.

4.2 The Fund wishes to remain flexible in its approach and is not prescriptive regarding the period of investment in projects or whether it will provide loan finance or equity investment