Grant Making Process

Providing that the assessment of your enquiry form (stage 1) is successful, you will be given a link to proceed to the full online application form (stage 2).  Full applications must be submitted by the 15th of each month by 5pm. All supporting documents and signed declarations need to be received by this date.

[NB. Having submitted a successful enquiry form, applicants will have a maximum of six months to complete and submit an application form. If an application form is not submitted within this period, the enquiry will be closed, and applicants will need to reapply]

The application will then be appraised including a review by our independent Advisory Panel.  The Advisory Panel members will be sent the applications for review relevant to the theme area in which your application falls. It may be the case that your project fits within several of our themes in this case it may be sent to several panel members.

Once the appraisal Advisory Panel feedback is completed, your application if grant under £50,000 will be forwarded to the Grants Panel for a decision and for those over £50,000 to the Copeland Community Fund Board where a decision will be made.

Our grant programme, like many programmes, is over subscribed; this means that your application will be in competition with other applications for a limited amount of funding.

The Grants Panel/ Board will consider:

  • How well your project will meet our assessment criteria;
  • What need there is for your project and our funding;
  • What impact your project will have in Copeland.

It is important that you provide us with a fully completed application, which clearly demonstrates how your project will address the above areas. Your project may be rejected because your application does not clearly or fully answer the questions.

If your project is rejected and you want to reapply, we strongly suggest that you consider any comments made by the Grants Panel/Board and address any weak areas identified in your application form.

Successful applicants will be provided with an offer letter and a grant acceptance schedule.  The schedule outlines the terms and conditions of the grant, the programme of payments and the requirements on each payment.  This schedule will need to be signed and returned to the Fund before any payments will be released.

[NB. Applicants have six months from the date of the decision to secure their match funding and sign and return the grant acceptance schedule. If, after this time, match funds are not in place the grant offer will be withdrawn and applicants will need to begin the process again].