Small Grants Panel

Purpose of the small grants panel

The purpose of the Grants Panel is to provide an objective assessment of applications to the Copeland Community Fund small grant scheme (£3,000-50,000) that have been scored and recommended for approval by the Grants Officer and to consider and make decisions on those applications. In addition to assessing and selecting the projects to be funded, the Panel’s role is to also to provide guidance and feedback on applications to the applicant via the Grants Officer. The panel will also discuss emerging projects and their suitability to the Fund.

The objectives of the Panel will be to:

  •  consider applications for funding against criteria and make decisions with the authority to set conditions against them
  •  ensure projects receiving support are fully aligned with local and regional priorities,particularly with regard to the NDA socio economic policy.
  •  ensure projects align with other funding streams and activity to promote the Copeland Community Fund and, where possible, avoid duplication;
  •  maximise the impact and coverage of the available funding for the benefit of Copeland; and
  • oversee and manage the programme-level output and match funding requirements.

For more information view: Small Grants Panel Terms of Reference