Operational Strategy

The Operational Strategy of Copeland Community Fund is:

  1. To build capacity with local groups and community based projects to enable them to (through the use of the Community Development Team):
    1. Develop funding strategies and applications to the fund and other funders
    2. Build sustainability and enable enterprising approaches
  2. To receive applications under criteria consistent with the NDA socio-economic framework and under the following themes (shown in alphabetical order):
    • Arts, Culture & Sports
    • Community Action
    • Improvements to Built Environment
    • Quality Open Spaces
    • Training, Employment & Social Enterprise
    • Youth Activity
  1. To act as a funder of last resort, to maximize funding brought into the area, unless choosing to act as an enabler for a particular project.
  2. To set particular priorities and target spending levels as agreed by the Board for specified periods of time.

This strategy was approved by the Board of the Copeland Community Fund on the 26th March 2014.